My Story

Hi I'm Moea, a mother of three and wife to an amazing soul. Like everyone else I struggled with “Who” I wanted to be. I did know that I wanted a better life for my children and family but not at the expense of someone else's dream.

I soon would manifest “The Secret” in my life, it opened a whole new way of thinking that felt natural to me. I read a book by Eckart Tolle called “A New Earth” and a whole new world opened up before me. I couldn't believe what was happening in my life. It was awesome! I began to find myself, and I craved to know more. I wanted to learn as much as possible about everything, I knew I was on the path meant for me. In October of 2017 I started taking a course in holistic home remedies and medicine. I was feeling awesome and on top of my world. Learning the ancient history of our ancestors and the medicines they had used for thousands of years, connected me to them through time. As my knowledge grew, so did my desire to share my findings and revelations with others. I felt that as the world grew and technology grew we forgot how to share this knowledge, and therefore we forgot our roots. 

My goal was to share with everyone that they truly have everything within themselves to live their dreams, creating a life full of love and happiness. How to start communicating this? Social Media of course! I started posting little snippets on Facebook and Instagram. People were responding, and on a small scale I was truly making a difference. By changing myself I was actually helping others to change themselves. I went straight to my husband! I wanted to do more! I wanted to create my own business, my own brand where I could be exactly who I was meant to be. My husband is a graphic designer so I figured he could help me translate all my thoughts and ideas into web page.. The outcome was more than anything I ever imagined. So now we had a website, logo, and a purpose. To help raise the vibration and spread light all over the planet. But what the hell was the purpose of the website? Was it a blog? What were we selling ?

My husband suggested that we sell items that supported a holistic and spiritual lifestyle. I was totally on board! We didn't have the money to buy anything to sell. We found a drop ship company that had everything we needed to move forward.. It was an easy way to sell items without having to keep inventory.This was going to be great. Our site launched and it was such an exciting feeling.”Sage Soul Tribe” was real! But I was not feeling fulfilled at all! We were putting love into promoting a life style we loved and valued, only to sell a product we never touched. This was a huge wake up call. The answer could not be more clear. We were going to start over from the ground up.We were going to sell our own products. I started growing our own herbs, and making our own smudge sticks. Every stone and crystal was chosen by me with love and intention. Everything had meaning and purpose.. Nothing shipped until I put my hands on it personally. Today every item and kit has been put together with you in mind. When we ship our products to you, we are shipping our love and light to you. To date I hold and Advanced Certification in Holistic Home Remedies. I am a Crystal Healer, an Auric and Energy reader and am currently working on my Reiki License and Mediumship.

Welcome To The Tribe!
Moea G