Soul Soaks

Time to get rid of those fizzy bath bombs and replace them with a sachel of tea. There is nothing more soothing at the end of the day than a relaxing warm bath. But using bath bombs can do more harm that good. Herbal bathing has been used for many years by our ancestors. They knew the benefits of using herbs. So how can you use them in a bath? And what are the benefits?

The benefits of herbal bathing are many. An herbal bath can calm the nerves of the entire nervous system, encourage quiet and calm sleep, moisturize your skin, relax your body, stimulate blood flow, and stimulate digestion. Not to mentin it can do wonders for your skin and hair.

Any herb you drink can be used in an herbal bath, but there are certain herbs that can help with specific uses. My go to's are Lavender, Chamomile and Calendula.

Lavender has antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties and highly used in aromatherapy to help promote wellness. Along with helping to reduce stress, it also treats fungal infection and mild pain. It also smells wonderful!

Calendula does wonders for dry skin. I highly recommend this during the cold winter months when our skin is depleated from moisture. It has been used to treat skin wounds, rashes, and infections. It also reduces pain and imflammation.

Chamomile is a an herb that most are familiar with as a tea to help you sleep. But it also has powerful healing properties that your skin will love! Used to help heal adult acne and give you a glowing complexion. It is also used for muscle spasms, wounds, gastrointestinal disorders, rheumatic pain, and hemorrhoids.

There are other herbs that will help soothe and support relaxation in your bath. Hops, lemon balm, passion flower, and sage. Adding in some dried roses will help to tone the skin.

Epsom salts as an addition can help to relax the muscles and relieve pain in the body. It also is a great mood stabilizer, relieving stress, anxiety and depression.

You can also try adding some essential oils to your bath as well. Some oils I keep close by are:
Bergamot - Improves skin conditions like eczema and reduce stress
Chamomile - improves mood and provides relaxation
Jasmine - Helps with depression
Lavender - relieves stress
Lemon - Aides in digestion, relives headache, and improves mood
Peppermint - boost energy and aides digestion
Rose - reduces anxiety
Sandalwood - calmes nerves and helps with focus
Tea Tree - fights infections and boost immunity

Now that we know about some essential ingredients it is time to make your tub tea!

You will need:
1 muslin tea bag or cheese cloth
epsom salts
essential oils
( add baking soda and powdered milk for extra benefits. Milk will soften the skin and loosen dead skin cells while baking soda trreats yeast infections or itchy skin conditions)

Add your ingreidents in a bowl and mix them up. Be generous with the amounts. Tie up the end of your bag with some twine or string if you are using cheese cloth and toss it into your bath! When you are done toss your herbs out and rinse your muslin cloth if you plan on reusing it,

Now you have a wonderful healing bath with many benefits!
For more information please reach out. Most herbs dried and fresh can be found at your local market or health food store.

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