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I don't know if it's because I had turned 40, but when I did, things systematically began to fall apart. My knees were giving out, the aches and pains I had lived with were intensifying, my heart was palpitating. Like what the hell! Is this what it means to get older? I needed to definitely make some changes, and I needed to make myself a priority! So the online search of how to "age gracefully" was in full effect. I started looking at supplements, but there are so many! Where to even begin? How can you find something that works for you? A friend of mine recommended I look at something called Persona. It was a vitamin regiment built for your personal nutrition. It made sense to me, as we are not al built the same. So off I went!

This was super simple, I went on their website and took a little quiz. The questions were relatively easy to answer. I was asked my age, weight, goals, allergies, medical conditions and if I was taking any prescribed medications. Once I finished my quiz It gave me my own vitamin pack catered to my needs. No guess work on my part at all. The best part is they get shipped right to my front door every month. I love my vitamins and definitely feel better! 

Some facts about Persona:

-Persona has a built in cross checking database for drug interactions

-Persona’s custom supplement plans are designed with expertise from our Medical Advisory Board, a team of doctors and leading health experts who analyze the latest research to ensure your nutrition assessment and recommendations are grounded in cutting edge science.

-Persona is about more than custom supplements. Your monthly membership gives you direct, one–on–one access to qualified nutritionists who will help you stay on track and adapt your program as your needs evolve.

-Your dispenser box is made from 100% post-consumer waste—and built strong for repeated use. Refill it with your monthly packs until we send you a new one (about every 6th shipment). Then recycle it through curbside pickup.

-Your daily vitamin packs are made from bio-sourced plastics. When you're done with them, put them in the compost—or even in the trash—and they'll start to break down in about 80 days (they're not recyclable, so it's better to return them to the ground).

This personalized nutrition at it's best! Check it out for yourself!

If you would like to try it out for yourself, click the link for $25 towards your order!

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