Beekeeper's Naturals

I love the bees! I love everything about them so when my friend introduced me to this company I was really excited!

I use honey every day as a sweetener in my tea. But I also use it for it's medicinal magic. I love to buy local, and I still do. But I love what this company is doing. They are on a mission to recreate the everyday medicine cabinet while saving the bees!

I ordered The Family Immune Support Kit. It came with 2 - Propolis sprays for adults. 2 - Propolis sprays for kids and a B.Soothed cough syrup with Buckwheat honey, Elderberry and Chaga. We wake up every morning and get our bee medicine in! This helps to support our immune system while giving us the antiviral benefits amongst other benefits. It's also great to use when you get that dry scratchy tickle in your throat. The Be Soothed is great for coughs but can also be used daily as an ammunity support system.

BeeKeeper's Naturals have other products as well to help with Immunity, Energy, Brain Function, Calmness, Kids and Medicinal bundles for your home!

I have talked about honey and it's amazing healing power, so it is only fitting that I would partner up with Beekeeper's Naturals. To read more about the medicinal benefits of honey click here!

BeeKeeper's Naturals  beleives in sustainability, as a matter of fact they are obsessed with it! But they also believe the world needs to do what they can to save our little yellow stripped friends. 

If you are looking for a natural way to support your immuniuty while saving the planet, check out BeeKeeper's Naturals and what they are doing to save the Bee's while reinventing the medicine cabinet!

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