Buckwheat Honey Benefits!

As a Holistic Practitioner I am constanly getting bombarded by people asking me if I have heard about this remedy or that remedy. In a sense I did sign up for this life, but there are thousands of natural remedies out there in the world. And as much as I would love to be a walking encyclopedia, I am not. If I have not heard about something I will research it, so I do welcome the lesson in all things.

The last two years a particular honey was brought to my attention. I love honey! I use it for just about anything that needs a sugar substitute, but beyond being sweet it holds miraculous healing properties. For starters it's delicious, but did you also know that it is rich in vitamins and minerals? It is also used in an array of health problems like Insomnia, indegestion, coughs, colds, sore throat, headaches, anemia, acne, ringworm, eczema, and this is just the short list! It is really a miracle for your body. But not all honey is made equal and that is why I buy from local bee farmers. I know where it comes from and I get it raw and unfiltered.

So a couple years ago my ex Mother in law (we have a wonderful relationship) told me about Buckwheat honey and what is was doing for a little family that she is a nanny for. I briefly looked it up but did not do much with it. I wasn't blowing her off, it just wasn't a priority for me. I am a regular person with a family so I get busy just like everyone else. I am also a big believer that the Universe will put infront of me what I need when I need it. Well I guess I needed it on Saturday cause the Universe put it right in front of my face!

Saturday morning my husband and I headed to the Regional Market. As soon as we walked through the doors there was a honey stand to the right just calling my name. I quikly scanned over the table of all the different honey he had and there it was, Buckwheat Honey! Right there infront of my face a very dark rich looking honey. I asked no questions, I grabbed it along with another honey and was on my way. I was so excited with my purchase and I could not wait to get home so that I could try it. When we got home I opened up both jars and tasted the honey. There is nothing better than real raw local honey. It taste like nothing you buy from a supermarket and definitely not that golden bear which is most likely corn syrup with flavoring. This is different, it has many subtle levels of flavor. You can taste the flowers that the bees were pollinating and it is wild. I definitely have a huge respect for bees and what they do. And am grateful to the process that is needed so that I may enjoy something like a jar of honey.

Ok so I have covered that I am a lover of honey and most likely a weirdo who may or may not be obsessed with honey. But why Buckwheat honey? Throughout school we covered honey and most of the medicinal remedies required Manuka Honey (amazing by the way) but we never crossed over into Buckwheat Honey. So into the books I went! And I found, like with other honeys more miraculous benefits.

Buckwheat itself is considered a very healthy food rich in vitamins. It is also used as a replacement for flour and unlike wheat it is not a grass. It is more of like a rhubarb. Studies have shown that the benefits of Buckwheat honey are many. Compared to other honeys on the market, Buckwheat had a higher rating of antioxidants than others. A study also showed that drinking it with black tea boosted levels of Antioxidants in the body.
One study specifically used Buckwheat Honey as a treatment for coughs in children due to respiratory illness. The study found that Buckwheat Honey was more effective than over the counter medicine. I know what this sounds like, "yeah right, study schmuddy, who believes in studies any way?" I get it. As a mother I am always looking for safe alternatives so why not?

Honey has so many benefits, just look it up for yourself. And always consult your medical physician before you decide to replace a prescribed medicine with a holistic one. I am a firm believer in the integration of both for long term health. I know that I will be keeping Buckwheat Honey in my home as a preventative. And definitely will stock up in the winter during cold and flu season. Eat it by the spoonful or add it to your favorite food or drink. Remeber honey does contain certain bacteria that could be harful to babies. Never give a child under the age of one honey. Always consult your pediatrician if you are unsure of when it is safe for your child.

You can purchase Buckwheat Honey from a local farm, bee keeper or your local farmers market. Be weary of honey or honey products sold in your local super market. Find my favorite Medicinal spray here!

Moea is Certified in Advanced Holistic Remedies. The advice should never be taken in place of Medical advice from any Medical Professional. Alway consult your doctor before replacing any medications or adding a Holistic Remedy. The information is based on studies and is not recommended that you change your lifestyle until you have consulted with a Medical Doctor.

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