Bilberry? do you mean Blueberry?

What is a Bilberry? and why is this something I may want to incorporate into my everyday life?

A Bilberry is a small European Bluberry. They are in the same family but look just slightly different. The bilberry has a smooth round top while the bluberry leaves a small jagged star. The pulp of a bilberry is red or purple while the bluberry is green. The Bilberry is used in the same way as the Blueberry. It is picked and made into jams, jellies, pies, juices, liqueurs, sorbets or eaten raw.

Bilberries have 4x the amount of antioxidants. Have 3 x the amount of vitamin c and are packed with more minerals than the North American Blueberry. The Bilberry is much more acidic than the blueberry, so it really shines when it is cooked. Because bilberries are found in the Arctic and Sub Arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere, you might have to order them or their powder online. Either way this little berry packs a punch when it comes to the immune system. Will you be looking to add this little miracle berry to your life?

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